Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Aftermath

The meal has been had, and memories have been made.  All of the gifts have been unwrapped and the boys were happily spoiled by family and Santa alike.  There's plenty of leftovers and togetherness.  So far we've met up with friends at Chuck e Cheese and had a lazy day of movies.  Today is more friends and food and my mother's Christmas cookies!  (In case you were wondering, my mom comes up with the best holiday treats.  Her "Christmas Crack" this year, a concoction of chex mix, coconut and other goodies is aptly named because it is addictive.)

Only a few days of 2013 left, and it's going to be a quiet end to the year, with the four of us home with a steak dinner and a special cake made by Daddy.  We've told the boys that they could stay up as late as they wanted this year, which is probably about 10pm.  Enjoying the family time that we're having together right now, because all too soon it will be back to work and school and the daily grind.

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