Thursday, December 12, 2013

Parking Brake


I'm usually so much more on-the-ball about the holidays and everything this time of year.

Hubby's been sick so it's been crazy.  The kids are crazy.  The house is crazy.  Me?  I'm crazy but you all knew that already.

The to-do list keeps climbing, despite cutting back on things this year.  Does my oldest friend really need homemade fudge in the package that I am sending her?  No.  Nobody's going to notice that I didn't use decorative rubber stamps on the backs of the card envelopes.  Heck, nobody keeps the envelope! But, there's still  packages to send, Christmas cards to stuff and mail, goodies to bake, shopping to do, gifts to wrap.  On top of the clutter and the dirty laundry, the homework and the daily routine.  

I was chatting online with Brian earlier and I likened this feeling to being a car in neutral.  His analogy was're in drive, but someone has put the parking brake on and not told you.  So you're just revving in the driveway.

Here's to hoping that we can pop the brake soon, and hope not to slide on the ice.  :)  Just have to keep remembering to breathe, let go,  and to stop to live in the moment.  This really is the best time of the year, if you slow down to enjoy it.

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