Sunday, December 29, 2013

Diagnosis: Startitis

Being home this past week, I've gotten a lot of knitting done.  I've got 2.5 pairs of mittens done for Sean's school, I finished a baby blanket and I've almost got a hat going for Sean, since he's outgrowing the Angry Birds hat that my mom made Will a couple of years ago.  (Mom, I'm sad too.)  But I can't stop thinking about new projects!  Especially something for ME, after all of this charity knitting that I've done recently.  And now I'm officially over ten miles for the year too.

So tonight, I am going to make myself happy and cast on either Trillian or the Spiral Cowl.    See here:

 Spiral Cowl


Tomorrow, I will also cast on a sweater for my friend's daughter that she commissioned me to make.  Oh, and finally sew on the buttons to another "baby's" sweater!  But that's for future Ginny to worry about....tonight it's about what the heart wants.  Which is that?  Stay tuned.

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