Thursday, December 5, 2013

I've Got the Blues.

It's an absurd concept, not having any Christmas knitting to obsess over.  Just plain whacked, that's what it is.  The last few days I've had only one project going at a time.  And that just will. not. do.

Blue yarn seems to be calling my name.  Instead of going to bed, I'm buried in my yarn stash, picking what new project is coming with me to the Hook and Needler Potluck and Swap tomorrow night.  The yarns on the left and right are sweaters for Sean.  Sweet boy....he asked if Mommy could knit him a blue sweater.  "Soon, Mom?"  Blue's his favorite, and oh, does Mama have options.  One would be a cardigan, and the other is a pullover.  Not sure which one to go with!  The turquoise-y wool in the middle is for a shawl for me.   That can wait to be cast on....a sweater for Sean should be next.

Aw heck....I'm tired.  I'll decide and pull out needles in the right size tomorrow.  Zzzzzzzzzzz.  Night all.

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