Tuesday, April 16, 2013

(Un)Fashionable Faux Pas

This post is several years too late, but relevant nonetheless.  I know that there are websites out there that log "movie mistakes" but I'm not going to see one out, I'd rather just jump up here and let my inner Knitting Nerd and affinity for the show Sex and the City shine!

Not that long ago, I was watching old episodes and (what else?) knitting.  I don't remember the specific episode because SATC is the kind of guilty pleasure that I don't really need to keep my eye on (and on my knits and purls instead) and still know what's going on.  Miranda had found out that she was pregnant with Steve's baby and was going to keep it.  They (sans Miranda) were flying somewhere courtesy of Samantha's new boyfriend, Richard.  Charlotte is sitting on the private jet, and yakking to the other two about how she's taking up knitting and making something for Miranda's baby. 

The camera pans over Charlotte and there she is, with her knitting needles and pattern, Prada shoes and perfect outfit, and her skein of........baby blue Red Heart acrylic.

To paraphrase another one of my favorites, "My Cousin Vinny":  "No self-respecting knitter would use Red Heart." 

Red Heart, to most knitters is terrible, hateful, unforgiving stuff.  It squeaks on the needles and is about as soft and cuddly as my kitchen cabinets.  It's kind of like buying a box of plastic wrap and fashioning it into a sweet baby sweater.  I know, I know, acrylic is washable.  Having had two babies myself, I was eternally grateful for washable baby knits.  And preemies need acrylic in the NICU's, so I of course use it.  But there's better acrylic choices out there, for not much more money if any more at all.  For babies that can tolerate wool or cotton, superwash is best since it can be put in the machine.  There *are* options.

I don't think the writers of SATC called for Red Heart, I think someone just brought Kristin Davis the yarn and she went with it.  If she's a knitter, I'm sure she was shuddering but, as professional as she is, accepted the skein.  All I can say though, after so many years later....Get Charlotte to a local yarn store on the double!!  !  This girl deserves a gorgeous skein or two of superwash wool, and Baby Brady does too.   To quote another favorite (badly):  Use the best yarn that you can afford.  Your results will thank you.

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