Monday, April 15, 2013

Back to Knitting

OK, enough house stuff.  I haven't had a knitting post in a long time!

Many would assume that no knitting has happened since the start of the house adventure.  They would be wrong.  Knitters can't give up just like that!  Sure, there has been a lot less.  Ten minutes of stolen knitting time, while sipping my coffee and squished between two sleepy boys eating Trix and watching early AM Disney Junior.  Having a lot of insomnia worrying about this house business, staying up late and knitting.  And I've got stuff to show for it, people!

First of all, I am "supposed" to send a box of baby goodies to Stitches from the Heart every six months.  I sent one in December, and I'm going to have another one to send shortly, mainly just to get them out of the house and not packed/stored.  My frazzled brain has really appreciated little projects lately, so I have seventeen hats for babies, and two blankets.

OH!  I fell in love with a preemie sweater and pants set, so grabbed some stash baby yarn and started that night.  Took about two weeks, and then my friend Linda kindly seamed the pants for me.  She's got a lot of experience in this stuff, she knits bears and clothes for them.  She had them seamed in one Knit Night, whereas I had stared at them mystified for several days!  Another little goodie for Stitches from the Heart.

Laodice.  Maureen and I started this on Valentine's Day.  Not that it was a race, but first I was ahead and then I put it down.  She finished hers ages ago.  Mine will remain unblocked for some time, as  I can't block it  because there isn't a big enough surface to be had in the house right now!

On the needles now:  my dang sweater.  I had to order some smaller circular needles to do the sleeves, as the stitches were sliding right off the needles and there wasn't a thing that I could do to stop it!    Also, for my "mindless" project, I started a blanket for Will that will (hopefully) cover his request for a big one that he can snuggle and watch TV with it over him.

Upcomings:  oh man!  More babies to knit for!  One friend is due in June and will be surprised if it's a boy/girl so I got some lovely sage green cotton and am going to make a hat and sock set.  The other sometimes reads this blog so my lips are sealed!

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