Sunday, April 21, 2013

Good As Sold

Well, that went a lot faster than ANY of us expected!

The house went on the market last Monday afternoon.  Four showings and about 48 hours later, I get a phone call while at my knitting group's usual Wednesday night get-together that we have an offer.  It's a good one, too.  The only problem?  They need us to move out by June 4th.

Whoa.  We were planning on staying til the end of the school year, so Will can finish the year at his current school.  We counter their offer, stating June 27th as the move date.

They counter back....stating that June 4th is a sticking point.  And add a little more money to the offer.

Well.  We're flexible.  We can drive Will to school every day for the week-and-a-half left of the school year at that point.  Consider it done.

And now the mad dash to find another house....Brian and I had been looking online for two months, looking for another house in our town.  And there are NONE to be had...nothing worth having, anyway.  The prices are steep and the houses need a lot of work.  So we did what we once thought may be unthinkable (as if!)  and started looking in other towns.

Thursday found us taking a second look at a house that we had seen previously.  Thirteen years old, one owner.  Three bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and plenty of amenities.  A master suite.   A two-car garage, and my favorite, CENTRAL AIR!!  It's in the same town that I work in, so that makes for a pretty sweet commute.  We make an offer and cross our fingers.

Two counter-offers later and we're moving!   Next up is scheduling a home inspection, finding a reputable moving company and packing up the rest of our house.

Although it's been a short time that the house has been on the market and we found something for us to call home rather quickly, both of us are of like minds that we never want to buy/sell a house at the same time again!  I hope the boys love this new house,  because they can take it over when they move Brian and I to the old folk's home!

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Anonymous said...

WOW, Ginny! Congratulations!! And I know what a pain it is to move...let's hope this is your last for a long, long time!! ;-)