Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Throw Momma Under the Bus

Don't you love it when your kids are parrots?  It can be embarrassing, but laughable too.  I however, will be more careful in the future.

Hubby took today off, to finish some more work here at the house.  I offered to pick up both kids so he wouldn't have to stop.  Now, why is it when you are running late, everyone on the road in front of you becomes a "lookie-loo" and drives like they're in a parade?  You'd think it was Leaf Peeper season in Vermont or something.  Ten minutes late, I pull into my daycare provider's street, only to be behind a teenaged couple holding hands, walking down the MIDDLE OF THE ROAD.  I mutter out loud, "C'mon Lovebirds, get outta the road!"  They heard the car and moved over, and as I drove past I was surprised to find out that it was my daycare provider's son!  I didn't mention this to my older son, but it didn't matter.  We walked into the house and Sean greeted us enthusiastically.  As I was putting his shoes on, I hear the son come in with his girlfriend, and a little six-year-old voice say "Kevin, I'm sorry my Mom said bad words about you being in the road."  I try to hush him, but it's just too late.  Luckily, "Kevin" is taking it in stride and his parents are laughing.  So I do too, and realize that it could've been much, much worse.

On the way home we have a nice discussion about how it's not cool to repeat EVERYTHING Mama says and that's calling "throwing someone under the bus."  I mean really, the occasional profanity (Sean saying "Oh Jesus" or Dammit!) is bad enough.  And when did "Lovebird" become a bad word??  You have to laugh.  :)

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seeamyrunning said...

HAHAHAHA!!! What is it about six year olds that suddenly they are compelled to be very vocal and honest with EVERYONE they encounter?!? ;-)