Sunday, April 14, 2013


Getting a house ready to sell is hard work.  But the hard work and the insane schedule over the past eight weeks has paid off!  Our bungalow is officially on the market.  And we've never seen "her" look better than she does right now.  New laminate flooring, fresh paint, flowers and mulch, and super-squeaky clean/de-cluttered.  If it wasn't so much work, I'd be a big advocate of a "big clean" every five years.  Because though you're cleaning the house and vacuuming/dusting on a regular basis, you're not cleaning it as much as you think.

The past eight weeks have made a big impact on the ol' Day Zero List.  I've been able to cross off #2, #41, #72 and #84, respectively.   The basement took a long time to declutter and purge, but thankfully it's done.  We hired a landscaper for most of the yard and the painting of the porch, but those flower boxes are done by yours truly. 

Special thanks go out to my brother for his hard work and trips to Home Depot.  BIG THANKS to my parents,  Mom and Dad have been nothing short of amazing with watching kids, painting, demo-ing a deck and re-surfacing it, and now, taking care of our dog while showings are going on.  I don't think we could've done all of the things that we did without their help.  In fact, I know we couldn't have made it. 

Now, fingers are crossed that our house isn't on the market for too terribly long, and that we find a great new house to call home for the next twenty years or so! 

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Jenny Schule Photography said...

Good luck & have fun hunting!! :)