Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Magazine March

Hubby is getting anxious.  He can't stop thinking about the Big Day.  What to bring, what to wear, what to pack?  Will everyone he's invited be there?  Short?  Long?  Poufy?  Good thing he's got his copy of Modern Bride to help him through the craziness of planning his wedding and not letting the whole thing get too overwhelming.

HUH????  Not quite the big day that you were expecting?

We belonged to a magazine club a long time ago.  It was more of a subscription service, you paid a monthly fee and got to subscribe to a bunch of magazines.  Magazines that we really did pick out started showing up at our door, and we were pleased.  Then a scam happened where we got enrolled for a lot longer than originally stated, and we fought back.  The magazines stopped, and we were no longer charged.  The whole thing took several phonecalls and a sternly worded letter or two.  But the mission was (eventually) accomplished.

Since then, occasional magazines just show up.  For no reason.  All addressed to Brian.  We never know what's coming.  Sometimes Rolling Stone.  Or Ebony.  Surfer's Monthly, Golfer's Digest, Corvette Monthly.  All in Brian's name, now including Modern Bride!!

It's not all bad.  I'll actually read the Oprah magazine when it comes with no regularity, or Lucky.  But hey, how about People?  We've got no use for Vogue or W, but that crap keeps showing up.  Neither of us will call to stop them, out of fear of being enrolled into something again.

Sigh.  Maybe this is one of those things that just MOVING will take care of?  That would be pretty awesome.  I suppose it could be worse....it could be porn.  Now THAT would be fun to explain when we let the kids get the mail!

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