Sunday, July 8, 2012


Ravellenic Games are coming up!  Or shall we say, "The Artist Formerly Known as the Ravelympics."  :)

I've got my events down, I've picked out a shawl and I'm going to see how many baby hats I can make for charity during the time from the Opening Ceremonies to the Closing Ceremonies.  The hats were kind of an afterthought, I realized that we will be coming home from vacation while the Olympics are going on and a shawl is just not good car-knitting!

But before all of that starts, I'm staring down some WIP's.  (Works-in-progress.)  I'd like to have a clear slate before the Games begin.  My purple sweater for myself has no sleeves, no button bands and no ribbed neckline.  Every night as I settle into my chair in the living room, needles in hand, I spy the rest of that purple cotton mocking me under the coffee table.  I also have a baby blanket that I started back in March that I've been working on to finish.  Baby Sophisticate has a sleeve and a collar missing. (And the recipient is due at the end of August.)  And I have THREE little girl sweaters that I just need to sit down and sew buttons onto....can you tell that I hate finishing work?  Most knitters would rather knit than sew seams together, buttons on and weave in ends and I definitely fall into that category.

After the Ravellenic Games, it's going to be all about baby gifts, a very special First Birthday present and then (GULP!) Christmas gifts.  I bit off a lot to chew this year concerning Christmas, but I've already got one gift under my belt so I'm feeling a bit cocky.  Someone please remind me of this when I am freaking out the first week of December that days don't have thirty hours apiece.  Or why I haven't figured out how to clone myself so I can knit 24/7 and still have a life!

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