Monday, July 30, 2012

Moving Day

The Monday after vacation is always a doozy.  Getting over the "I slept in every day and now I have to get up early are you kidding me?" feeling is unreal today.  But it's Moving Day!  Not my moving day, I am going nowhere.  But tenants.  I have tenants moving into the building today!

It's kind of like the first day of freshman year at college.  You pull up a truck to the building, and family/friends help you move your stuff into your very first dorm room.  After everything gets positioned and bags/boxes emptied, everyone says goodbye and good luck.  Once the door closes, you have the sinking realization that you know no one, and feel alone.  So what do you do?  You wander into the hallway and start making friends.  Or you head down to the cafeteria.  Or you strike up a conversation with your roommate and find stuff to talk about.  Bring your boxes and bags to the trash room and run into people who are looking to make friends just like you are. 

Friday is the big annual "get-together" with my college girlfriends, and today I remember moving in that first day as I watch my new tenants come in with all their possessions and make friends.  It's such a funny feeling, to watch these "freshmen", these "Original 30."  Not that I'm signing 30 leases this week, just fourteen.  ("JUST??"  That's a lot in one week!) 

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