Sunday, July 29, 2012

Off to a Lukewarm Start

Welcome to what may be the first of many Ravellenic Updates.  On Friday night I settled down with my mom and my husband to watch the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics.  I love the Olympics!  I just can't help myself, Hubby and I watch as much as possible.  (Which is something I never did before we met so I guess I have him to thank.  Thank you!)

The Marrowstone Shawl.....right now is a no-go.  I cast on and frogged no less than three times, it's one of those projects that takes a bit of concentration.  And half of my concentration was spent on the Opening Ceremonies.....and I wasn't overly impressed.  But seriously, Beijing's Opening Ceremonies really took the cake so it's hard to be impressed after that.  So tonight, now that I am home from a lovely week away, I will attempt cast-on a fourth time.  If it tanks, it tanks.  Right now things are crazy in my life and the next week is going to be a sweet little taste of chaos, so I don't have room for knitting projects to drive me further insane.  I still have the baby hats and can still "medal."

Oh, the baby hats!  Three so far, and I've started a fourth.  I'm not sure how many I'm going to do, it all depends on "Marrowstone success."  The fourth one is a pale pink preemie hat.  Because of all the babies that need love and warmth, the preemies need it the most.

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