Sunday, July 29, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Home from a vacation that took us to Williamsburg, Virginia.  Here's our numbers for this vacation:

number of carsick incidents, involving changing a child's clothes AND scrubbing out the car in a rainy Rite Aid parking lot:  1.

number of streetlights that the State of Virginia uses on main roads:  zero.  Number of scary incidents of driving around without streetlights and getting lost on "Airport Road" in the pitch dark:  1.

Number of running jokes about Airport Road the rest of the trip:  I lost count.

Boys favorite place to be for the trip:  Water Country, two trips.  Sean is such an adventurous boy, he went on just about everything that his big brother went on, including one slide that you had to climb a net to get to the top.  They liked it so much we went back again on Friday.

Number of days where the temp outside hit over a hundred degrees:  three.  One of these days was our trip to Busch Gardens.  It was an incredible park!  However, when it's that hot outside it's tough to enjoy everything.  We did a pretty good job of staying hydrated and having fun, but it was nasty out.  I bought a straw hat at the gates that probably looked ridiculous, but when it's that hot you just don't care.  Whew!

Number of yarn shops visited: one.  Knitting Sisters in Williamsburg.  Really nice shop with gorgeous yarns.  And I found the perfect pattern for my niece's Christmas present!  :)  They also had a nice selection of classes, but alas it was not meant to be.

How many states we passed thru on the way home:  nine.  This included a surprise trip through Washington DC where we accidentally got off the highway.  It's a very confusing, busy place.  And why is it when the GPS sends you thru a city, it puts you thru the worst part of it???

And now HOME SWEET HOME and back to unpacking.  :)


seeamyrunning said...

So happy to have found my way back to your blog again!! Happy unpacking. ;-)

toastqueen said...

Only one yarn store? I'm shocked! ;)