Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Murphy's Laws on Vacation

Good Ol' Murph....he's a pip.

According to Mr. Murphy, here are the rules on the week before vacation:

-one child must spike a fever.  The closer to departure day, the better. 

-There needs to be ridiculous busyness at your job.  Between transitioning from one site to another, processing files and getting the stage set for signing the first eight leases on August 1st (Because I am crazy to sign eight in one day, that's why), the big Dedication Ceremony for the new building on Saturday, I am a feeling a little nuts.  Just added:  there's going to be a big meeting next week for government employees here because it is a good central location for three of their offices.  Smack me now.

-There is one thing that you are forgetting to do, despite reminding yourself several times a day.  Mine is putting things on the shopping list for our next trip to Target, and remembering to stop the mail.

-The packing itself....something is bound to disappear or break between now and then.  Or as you are pulling onto the highway you realize that someone's swimsuit is still hanging on the dryer rack.  Last year on the way down to PA to drop the kids off so we could go on our cruise we forgot the diaper bag.  We remembered in New York, resulting in a $75 trip to Target for a new bag and supplies.  Not our proudest moments. 

But in the end, it will all be worth it.  Right now is the time of year that we're itching to get away.  It's going to be a fun trip and result in happy memories for the boys, Mom, Dad and Nana!

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