Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Harry and the Whole Gang

Currently I am working on this Day Zero Item:

#22.  Read the Harry Potter series (3/7)

Oh, how I hate to admit this.  I am really enjoying the Harry Potter series!  I can honestly see what all the fuss was about.  I never gave these books much thought when they first started coming out because I thought that they were just for kids.  Well, they are kids' books but that's not stopping me from enjoying them.    However, I'm not sorry that I missed each book coming out and the dressing up and the release parties and everything.  Because well.....this way I can totally binge on the books.  No sooner do I finish one, I pull up my library account and request the next one.  Last time, I requested the next two books so there'd be no waiting, I'd already have the next one in the house.  I was really excited to get an email from the library the next day that my book was in.  I raced down there at lunchtime....only to find out that #5 came in and I'm waiting on #4.  Bummer.  I think that Will might be a Harry Potter fan later on too, I started reading a little of the first book aloud to him.  I'm a little concerned about continuing though, I think that there are some things in there that might scare him.  When he gets a little older, it's something I'd certainly like to re-visit.

I just finished Book #3 and so far it's been my favorite.  It felt pivotal really, with the life details of Harry and his family that it revealed.    It's also  the first book where Harry's a teenager.  I can't wait to see what the other books have in store.  And believe it or not, I want to see the movies now, too!  :)


Sara Marks said...

Why do you hate to admit it? Harry Potter is an amazing series. Now, if you have said you hated to admit you like Twilight... then I would understand.

Crafty Mama said...

I hate to admit it because the people around me that have been recommending it for a long time are SIL was telling me about it five years ago and I was all "Uh-huh....that's great."

Kristina said...

i didn't read the books at first. wizards and fantasy etc, isn't really my thing. then when the first movie came out my mom wanted me to go, she was all pumped up. i begrudgingly went with her, and freaking loved it! it was amazing. started reading the books. lol. can't believe you've gotten by without seeing the movies, too! happy reading!!