Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cleaning out My Closet

One of the things that we are attempting to do in order to put this house on the market is to conquer some of this clutter!  The situation has gotten bad enough to start working on this Day Zero List Item:

94.  clean out my bedroom closet

We have the world's crappiest closet.  It was sort of an afterthought for when the previous owner decided to take parts of two bedrooms in our home and turn them into a bathroom.  This left a closet that you can enter from either our bedroom or the office, and it's tiny.  We've made vast improvements on the space, it used to be watermelon pink and the clothing bars were just JAMMED into the walls.  The weight of the clothing pulled the bars down, causing huge tears in the drywall.  Who does that???  Let's just say that we've cursed the previous owners a blue streak on more than one occasion.  When discussing "wants and needs" for the next house I said that a better bedroom closet was a need.  Brian just laughed and said "Could there be something out there that could be worse than what we already have??"  Any other closet space pretty much would be trading up.

Once the boys started sharing a room at the beginning of the year, Hubby and I were excited to get a closet to ourselves.  Except it's cram-jammed with so much crap, there's no useful space.  Neither closet door could close properly, and I finally just got sick of it and declared that it was going to get done TODAY.  Well, at least started today.

Here are some of my "fantastic finds" in the effort to purge some of the clutter...

--a black dress that I bought to wear to a wedding five years ago.  It was one of those things, I needed a dress FAST and even though I wasn't crazy about this one, I figured it would do.  Considering my ambivalent feelings about said dress, why do I still have it five years later??

--A maternity dress that I never wore, which is too bad because it's cute.  Keep in mind that I was last preggo three years ago and gave away the rest of my maternity clothes months ago.

--Clean diapers from newborn to toddler.  Naturally, they're not in a package or anything, they're just loose and strewn about.

--Eight skeins of yarn in a beautiful rose wool.  What a find!  This is either going to be a sweater for someone or a baby blanket.

--Birthday/Christmas gifts that never went to the recipient.  I found a big package of Crayola Twistables, some cool stickers and a huge activity book.  I wonder who that was supposed to go to?  I guess I'll never know.

--A large Target bag filled with matchbox cars and two gigantic bags of chocolate MnM's.  Any mom worth her salt recognizes this bribery and what it's for:  potty training.  Again....that's been in there for about three years.  It's about time to start potty-training the baby that I was pregnant with that I didn't wear the maternity dress for in item #2!

--Clothes that I forgot that I even had.  I'm going to have to remember this one next time I'm bitching that I have nothing to wear.

--Various purses, in several colors, sizes and styles.  Some of them are pre-children.  I think that if I haven't seen it since 2006, it's probably a safe bet to pass it on to someone who might use it.

I can't wait til this job is done.  I was dreading it and now that I'm in the thick of it, I know why!

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