Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Car Conversation

I'm sometimes surprised what random topics Will brings up in the morning on the way to school.  Today's was explaining the difference between throw-up and spit-up.  I actually remembered the term "reverse peristalysis" from college bio!

Other topics from the past:

-How little French Mommy knows.  I was able to teach him "hello," "goodbye" and "Without cheese."  Why the heck do I know "Without cheese??"  I love cheese.  Honestly, I should know how to say "If you don't want your cheese, can I have it?"

-Inventing our own broadway-type show.  It was pretty cool, it featured tossing projectiles at the audience.  We called it the "Throw Show."  We did this like two years ago and he brings it up occasionally, with improvements that he's been working on.

-How if the Muppets married the Fraggles, they'd be called the Frappets.  I got giggles out of this for days.

-Occasionally Will will ask how the maintenance guy at work  is doing, they've bonded a few times when Will came to work with me.  Jose taught him how to drink from a glass "Like a man" as he puts it.  He also showed Will how to photocopy his hand one day when Will was sick and at work with me, it's a fond memory of Will's.   "Mommy, how's your Jose?"  The best yet:  "Mommy, when you got to your new job, will your Jose go with you?"

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