Friday, May 18, 2012

Yarn, Yarn, YARN!

I like to knit.  But I think that I like yarn even more than knitting. 

Sounds weird, yes?  Well then, here's another one.  My house is brimming with yarn stash.  I have filled both of my usual stash containment areas:  a big rubbermaid bin in the bedroom closet and in three smaller storage units under the desk in the office.  So why, may I ask, am I going to the Tent Sale at Webs tomorrow with a four page shopping list???

Simple.  You can never have too much of a good thing.  OK, more complicated:  yarn is my thing.  It makes me happy, surrounded by its squishiness and hopeful creativity.  "Hmmmmm, I'm a skein of Malabrigo...what could I be??"  Plus, the shopping list is in a tiny notebook that goes in my purse, a couple of words and the page is filled.  Some people are happiest collecting Hummels, or scrapbooking, or golfing.  Me?  I knit.  And peruse yarn.  And buy buckets o' yarn, too. 

I look forward to the tent sale every year for other reasons, too.  It's a day to spend with my friends and family.  My mom goes with us, as does my sister-in-law.  Many of my friends from my local knitting group, the Hook and Needlers, go on this trip.  My friend Maureen from college is even making the trip from Maine to the Yarn Mecca with us tomorrow, AND bringing a friend.  (In all fairness, her mom lives near the yarn shop, and she's going to visit her too.) It's a Saturday to hang with people that have common interests, and lunch and all things knitting/crochet.

So tomorrow night you'll find me tuckered out from wandering around Northampton, with a big tote of yarn, with a smile on my face.

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