Monday, May 28, 2012

Pretty Flower

Throughout the year I knit things for charity and store them in a big Rubbermaid box.  Let's face it, I have more yarn than I could possibly use in a lifetime.  (Insert your joke at my expense here.)  So why not share my love of yarn with others!

This is a little improvised hat that I put together quickly over the weekend.  I love the gray and magenta together, but it needed a little.....something.  A quick perusal of Ravelry patterns for knitted flowers and I found what I was looking for.  Add a few beads and VOILA!  Haute couture toddler-wear.  The best part:  I didn't spend a dime on the materials for this hat.  (Well, not this weekend, anyway.)  The yarns and the beads were all stuff that I had on-hand.  The flower is meant to be worn more on the side than at the front of the hat.

Being the mom of two boys, I adore making girly stuff when I get the chance.  Some little girl is really going to like this.

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