Sunday, May 27, 2012

Citizen Kane

49.  Watch 5 movies from the American Film Institute’s Top 100 list 

1.  Citizen Kane

The description of this movie in the AFI database says "One of the greatest movies ever made."  HAH!  It didn't hold mine or Hubby's interest.  It may have been a great movie back when it was made in 1941, but by today's standards, no.  

Here's what the movie is about:  the main character, Charles Foster Kane, dies in his resplendent home Xanadu,  and his dying word is "Rosebud."  Everyone is clamoring to find out what he meant by "Rosebud," and his newspaper employees run around the whole movie, interviewing everyone in his life, past and present.  His former employees and nemesis, his second ex-wife, etc.  His life was a little intriguing but also sad.  

Unfortunately, all I can really say about the movie is that I was bored.  Except for the part about his second wife's opera career, then I was thinking "Good Lord, that is the worst opera singing EVER.  PLEASE make it stop!"  

1941 was a very different time from today.  If this movie was made today, it wouldn't be winning any prizes, much less Best Picture.  But here's one thing I liked about movies back then:  the simplicity.  The humor wasn't in-your-face or crude.  The dramatics felt real.  Things were left to the imagination, much unlike movies today.  This I enjoyed, the understatedness.  Movies were smarter back then and relied on you, the viewer, to think.

Next movie:  The Godfather.

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Kristina said...

you're kidding! i LOVE this movie, and went out and bought it right after i saw it the first time! never know though, i may have a new perspective now, as far away from college as i am - haha! so, next movie the Godfather.... does that mean you've never seen it?!