Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Flying Solo, By the Seat of My Pants

This past weekend was also Brian's golf trip.  Also, the daycare was closed on Thursday and Friday so we needed to find alternate care for Sean.  My dad took care of him (he prefers me to say "played with" or "spent time with") on Thursday, and I took the day off on Friday.  With the way things have been at work lately (yep....still no new place for this Crafty Mama Manager.  The reasons are complicated and I'm frustrated but dealing with it) I was looking forward to the break.  Even if I was going to be with the boys for 72 hours straight.  I hate thinking of it like that....but if you are a parent you KNOW what I am talking about!

On Friday it was just Sean and I, Will went to school.  Sean was delighted to drop off his Bubby at school, and relished the hugs and attention he got from all the other kids.  We took a trip to Walmart, and he miraculously didn't fight me on riding in the cart, for which I was grateful.  When we got home I managed to break the screen door on the front of the house.  In taking out the recycling, I discovered a yellowjacket's nest in the deck box where we keep our recycling outside.*  Naturally, I screamed and ran back into the house.  (Go ahead and say it:  Wuss!)  When I got inside I realized that I left the damn lid open.  Yay, me.  So I ran outside, slammed it shut and made a beeline (ha HA HA! Witty.)  for the house.  The rest of the day went smoothly, including making a decent dinner and the boys passing out on my bedroom floor.

Saturday was hot as hell.  At least Hubby got the AC unit into the bedroom and muscled into the window before he left, so it wasn't too bad.  Plus I'd bought an inflatable pool for the kids so we could have some water fun.  Well.  First, I had to lug up the air compressor from the basement.  That was no easy feat!  But I accomplished that task and when finished left it in the kitchen, there was no way that I was going to get it back down the stairs.  While filling the pool with air I managed NOT to get stung by yellowjackets, but I did manage to break the back screen door.  If you're keeping score, that's two doors.  (The house kicked my ass, basically.)  The pool was totally worth the $14 that I spent on it, the boys loved it!  It's going to be a great summer for that kind of stuff.  Spaghetti for supper so there was no fighting over "EW!  I don't like that!" Then movies (Spy Kids 4) and bed for them.  Another movie for me, (One for the Money) some more knitting and then bed.  Don't waste your time on One for the Money, by the way.  Spy Kids 4, as much as I hate to say it, was more entertaining.

On Sunday the kiddos let me sleep late!  We were supposed to head to a birthday party, but I flubbed it bigtime and we missed the party, which had been on Saturday.  D'oh!  Luckily the sting of that was minimized by the promise of more pool and sprinkler time.  By the time Daddy rolled in, we were all hungry for dinner and I was a bit exhausted.  Dinner at the 99 for everyone!

All in all, it was a good weekend.  To all my friends out there that do it longer than three days (one friend in the blogosphere recently did two weeks of Mama Only Time) I don't know how you do it!  If I'd had to work, it would've been damn near impossible.  But we had fun, the kids were mostly good and no one went insane.  Mad props to me.  :)
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Brian took care of the bees in the recycling when he got home.  He said that he's already done it twice this season, said he has a relationship with "Recycling Ron" the bee in the box.  

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