Sunday, May 20, 2012

Post-Webs Aftermath

The tent sale, if to be described in one word, incredible.

Incredible weather.
Incredible friends and family.
Incredible yarn.
Incredible food with said friends and family.
Incredible long lines.  (ah well.)

We got there about half an hour after the sale opened, and MAN was it crowded!  The store was stuffed with people, as was the tent and the warehouse area.  Wow, WOW!  Lots of friendly employees were on hand, asking if they could help you find something.  Inside the store, I spotted a familiar face:  the Webs employee from the "Sh*t Knitters Say" video!  (she's kind of hard to miss, with her gorgeous red hair)  At first I thought that she'd think that I was a huge dork if I said hello, but I went for it.  "Hey, you're the girl from that video!"  She laughed and said "You are the first person to notice!"  I said "really?  I would've thought that I'd have been the fiftieth!  I said that every time I'm buying yarn I hear her voice in my head saying "I'm on a yarn diet."  She laughed again and said "There is no such thing as too much yarn."  Yes!!  No judging from anyone in Webs one would ever say "isn't that kind of a lot of yarn?"  Nope.  A true judgment-free zone.  :)

While in line outside (which was about 45 minutes) a woman approached my mom, SIL and I and said that some of the people behind us had recommended us for the video that they were making to promote the store.  Turns out a couple of my friends said "no thank you" to being included but "see that woman in purple up there? She'd LOVE to be a part of it."  We were good sports, and the video is going to be on their Facebook page.  If our part is in it, I hope we don't look too silly.  :)

After all that wild shopping, we settled on Amherst Brewery for something to eat.  It was about 8 miles away, not far from the UMASS Amherst campus.  The food was soooooooooo good.  Second best nachos that I have ever had.  (The first is nachos at Brick Alley Pub in Newport RI, with my Salve girlfriends)  After that it was time to head home, and it was a  pretty ride, through bits of western MA down to the Mass Pike.  All in all, a really, really great day.

So what did I bring home?  I brought home a LOT.  I went with a very detailed list and the decision to only shop for projects that I already have queued.  This pile contains every baby gift, and ALL Christmas gifts, not to mention a sweater for Hubby and a sweater for me.  I'm pretty happy with it.

Finally, here are (some of) the Hook and Needlers, and Friends!

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