Saturday, October 1, 2011

Growth thru Sweaters

I made both of the boys sweaters in the last year, and yesterday morning Will begged to wear his to school.  (What a good boy, he's always loved this sweater and that makes me so happy.  Sean is Sean...right now he could care less.)

  It was slightly chilly, so I put both of them in their sweater that I had made.  Then, even though we were running late as usual, I realized that I had never gotten a photo of the boys together in their sweaters.  Well, we will just have to remedy that!

And then I realized.....Will's is a lot shorter on him since the Spring.  Uh-oh....this isn't going to fit him much longer, is it!!!  I panicked slightly.  Ok, a lot.  Must. Get. Crackin'. on. Sweaters!  These children-of-a-knitter will not be like the cobbler's children, going without shoes.  

I got five skeins of dark green acrylic in a de-stash event last May....I could make them matching sweaters!  I hate to say "acrylic" but at this age they're very tough on their clothes.  Acrylic is easy-care and not expensive.  I'll get them the good stuff later on in life.

P.S>  Yes, that's Joey's tail.  He is pretty adamant that he be in every photo that I take.  And no, I don't think he'd wear a sweater.  Though I'm not above trying!

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