Thursday, September 29, 2011

Random Thursday

1.   In the hustle and bustle of getting myself and the boys out the door,  I forgot my work bag at home today.  No notary stuff, no flash drive, no book.  Damn, it's a good book too.  "Couldn't Keep it to Myself" by Wally Lamb and the Prisoners of York County Prison.  It's stories written by the women of the prison, from a workshop that Wally Lamb facilitated.  Riveting stuff.  I love Wally Lamb anyway, "She's Come Undone" will always be a favorite of mine.  Anyway, I just hope that the bag is actually in the house and I didn't leave it on the front porch.  Or worse, in the driveway, in the rain!

2.  I abandoned a pattern the other night.  If it takes a bazillion tries to get the cast-on correct before you get to the body of the thing that you are knitting, perhaps it's time to pick a different project, yes?  I gave up during a commercial break and by the time the show came back on, I'd picked something else.  And the new "something else"  (i.e.  Christmas secret) is turning out to be something that I am loving to knit.  It might even be my favorite finished object later on.

3.  Sean is really starting to say things.  I still can't understand a lot of what he is saying, but I've figured out that he calls Will "Bubby" because he can't say Will.  Every night when I pick him up, he is thrilled to see me, yelling MOMMY!!! and comes running to me.  And as soon as we are in the car and I'm backing out of the driveway, he proceeds to ask me over and over, "Mommy?  Where's Daddy and Bubby?"  And if I don't say "Yes, honey?" in between those two sentences, he will keep saying "Mommmy?  Mommy?" until I acquiesce with "Yes Honey?" 

Those are your three random facts for today.  You're welcome.  :)

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