Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Patience, Woman!

Mantra:  I will be patient for the Post office to deliver my swap package.  I will not check their website a hundred million times a day.  Nevermind shake my fist when there hasn't been an update since my Minnesotan Ravelry friend mailed it on September 26th.  (I won't find it somewhat amusing that I mailed my package to her the same day, and she received it two days later, either.)  

I will not grouch, whine, cry or mutter under my breath when it appears the damn box only made it to Des Moines, Iowa on the 28th and liked it so much there it decided to stay.  (Apparently Des Moines is a beguiling place)  Or  be tempted to to jump in my car and drive to Springfield MA when the little ticker on the website says that it got there FINALLY today.  I will not point out to my husband that geez, I could have driven to Minnesota and back in the time that it has taken.  

Why?  Because I am patient.  Yep.  Patient.  That's me.

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Brian Given said...

You patient? Absolutely!