Monday, October 3, 2011

"Just another Manic Monday...."

".......Wish it were Sundaayyyyy, 'cause that's my fun day.  I-don't-wanna-run-day"

The Bangles really knew what they were talking about.  This Monday is one of the best examples of that song.  Some random Monday stuff, comin' at ya:

1.  Will and I discovered that we have a mutual love of Muppets videos on Youtube, and this one featuring the Muppet Theme Song is currently our favorite.  Though he really loves the "Mahna-Mahna" one too.  He asked today about the Muppets not mixing with the Fraggles and was surprised to hear that the guy responsible for the Muppets also did the Fraggles, and Sesame Street too.  So we "mixed them together" and what do you get?  "The Frappets on Sesame Street."  Frappets!!!   Bwahahahahahahahahaha  (The Maggles just wasn't as funny.)

2.  It was better NOT to stay up for the rest of the Phillies game last night, as we went to bed at 11:30 and then they lost.  Most of the time about baseball I'm very "meh" about the whole thing.  But if Hubby's hometown is in, then I enjoy the playoffs in the background while I'm knitting.  AND there's only a few days til the beginning of hockey season!

3.  I made a preliminary call to get Will enrolled in a karate class.  It's a cutie "tots" class that says it will help with motor skills, coordination and listening skills.  Just waiting on a callback and a price for the boy's "first organized activity!"

That's the positive-ness that I can spread today.  Happy Monday to all! 

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