Sunday, July 11, 2010

Soft Spot

As I've said before, I've got a soft spot for preemies.  That's because I was one.  (2lbs 2oz, December 1976)  Plus I have a friend who had a preemie (she's now three and a total spitfire) and know of others.  So, in my quest to "knit for good," I thought that some preemie hats were in order.  It's also a family thing, my sister-in-law has made oodles of hats for a preemie support group, and shipped to a group collecting hats in North Carolina.

Hats are something that the parents of a new baby tend to hold onto.  I still have Will's hat from when he was born.  Oddly enough, I didn't get a hat for Sean when he was born, just this sweatshirt thingy that tied closed at the top that ended up getting destroyed.  And sweetly enough, my Mom still has my preemie cap:  a little white bonnet with a red yarn tie, being so close to Christmas and all.  I believe that Mom told me that one of the nurses crocheted this hat especially for me, since none of the hats that the hospital had would fit my little head. 

So, in the weeks leading up to and then during our vacation, I've now got eleven preemie hats to add to the donation pile (making 23 hats total) and have two more on the needles.  Not too shabby, considering those are all "in beween" bigger projects.  Not to mention, when it's really hot, who wants to be working on something bigger and have that yarn in your lap???


CraftyMomof3 said...

Spitfire is a good word for her! LOL

The moms will really appreciate them.

The Caffeinated Mommy said...

This is so sweet! I still have Zoey's knit hat she came home and white, a December baby like you! Good for you and all your knitting skills. ;-)