Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Annual Girls Night!

Girl Time!

Every year my college girlfriends and I have a get-together, dinner and drinks and of course, lots of laughs.  Last Friday was no exception in the laughs department.  Old friends are the best!  These four....they've been there for me through the years and I love our annual dinner.  One of them later became my sister-in-law.  :)  There's reminiscing, and keeping up with what's gone on since the last time we got together.  And then, there's the just plain silliness.  Conversations about dead people and ghosts give us the giggles.  ( Yes, caskets ARE available at Costco!  Load your milk and gigantic bag of pretzels in the casket to take them into the house!)   And when the waiter takes his sweet time coming back to the table to collect the bill...wellllll.......we didn't dine and dash  but the thought crossed our minds! 

Next year is going to be a bit different, we'll go on our first overnight!  Wherever we end up better look out.....

Thanks for a great night, ladies!

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