Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"No Day But Today"

The fun continued from the girls night mentioned in the last post, to Saturday.  My buddy Maureen and I had tickets to see "Rent" at the Seacoast Rep on Saturday night.  And since it was going to be a late one, I got us a room.  Moms:  Imagine....dinner out, a play with an old friend and then SLEEPING IN at a hotel!  I know...you're jealous.  :)

Rent is definitely my favorite play.  The soundtrack is in my car at all times, and Brian and I know every word.  It first came on the scene in 1996 and earned all kinds of accolades.  It's message of love and tolerance and fighting AIDS is still relavant and quite powerful.  This was the fourth time that I've seen it, and this production was great.  Seacoast is a small theatre, and I was curious how they were going to pull it off.  But they did!  

After RENT, we walked around downtown Portsmouth for a bit and got ice cream.  And then, 'cause we're old, we skipped the bar scene and went home, to knit and sleep.  Yeah, I said that.  Seriously, compared to when we used to tear it up, we're OLD!  :)    I hogged an entire bed to myself, and slept 8.5 hours.  Then in the morning, I knit some more, and took a long shower with no one banging on the door and begging to come in.  BLISS. 

Moe drove me down to Cracker Barrel to meet the fam, so Brian could bring me home.  Will spotted me in the parking lot, and when I was two spaces away Brian let him run to me and I lifted him into the air.  "Oh Mommy!  I missed you!"  Bliss again, returning to my family.  Funny how that works, from being happily by myself to even happier.  This weekend was just what the doctor ordered.


The Caffeinated Mommy said...

Oooohhhh....so jealous!

adventures in rhode island said...

that sounds AWESOME!! and very true what you said, wonderful for some "you" time and wonderful to return home- as a rested mama! amazing what some time away does!