Friday, July 23, 2010

Crazy Things Happen in Threes (Part 2)

After the tornado warning was lifted, we ventured home.  On Wednesday nights I go to a knitting group with a bunch of knitty ladies like me.  It's not a class, it's more like we meet at a coffee shop, chat and work on our projects.  I look forward to this every week!  After a quick review of the weather and noting that the sky was now even showing some sunshine, I decided that it was all right to go.  Which brings us to Crazy Thing #2.

I was sitting in my driveway, and I hadn't even started the car.  I was texting my friend Kim to tell her that I was still coming tonight.  Suddenly, I heard squealing of tires, and this sickening BANG!!  I looked up from my Droid and was horrified to see the car accident that had just taken place behind me, on my street.  I whipped out of my car and ran to the street.  People began to pull over, and run out of their houses to find out what had happened, and the air smelled like toasted car.  I saw a young woman in a green Mustang, airbag deployed.  I shouted out, "Are you OK??"  She said that she was.  I said that I was going to call the police.  I barged into my house and didn't say anything to Brian as I got to the phone.  He said "What the hell happened?"  "Car accident."  Then, after seeing the look on his face I was quick to add "Don't worry.  It wasn't me!"

Everyone ended up being fine from the accident, though I'm sure that Mustang is totalled.  Several police cars, a fire truck and one elderly passenger to the hospital for precautions later, the accident was cleared. 

So, do you think I stayed home after this?  No.   Other people would have, right?? 

Crazy Thing #3.  I was driving to knitting, and as soon as I crossed the line into the city next door (which is only half a mile from my house) I noticed a funny thing:  the traffic light was out.  And for the duration of the ride, I noticed that the entire city had lost power.  NO LIGHTS were working anywhere!  I have to drive through downtown to get to knitting, and boy let me tell you, that was a treat.  Every single intersection, including the very busy-already-dangerous-with-lights ones, were now four way stops.  I FINALLY make it to knitting.  Ten members of the group were there, but the place was kind of strange.  That's when I realized....they don't have power either!  Apparently we're a hardcore bunch, knitting and chatting in a coffee shop with no power.  Luckily, it came on later on, and all power was restored on the way home.

What a day.  I'm glad there's not more of them like that!


The Caffeinated Mommy said...

HOLY COW! All of this, in one day?!? Lucky you survived...glad taht's over with! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wow. You guys are a hardcore bunch. Either that or hardheaded. :) I think after the car accident, I would've stayed home. I don't like to mess with the delicate balance of life and the signs it throws me. You're a brave woman!

Anonymous said...
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