Monday, July 19, 2010

Big and Bad!

I've done it!  I finally finished this blanket for my friend Lexi, who's due to have her second baby, a boy, at the end of July. 

As soon as I saw the pattern for the Big Bad Baby Blanket in Stitch n Bitch, I knew that I was destined to knit it for her.  I started back in April, and the pattern kicked my ass more than once.  It originally started out in pistachio and white Babysoft yarn, held together to make an interesting marble-y pattern.  I cursed and frogged so many times, and eventually threw it down. (And may have even dramatically stomped a little on it, but I won't admit to it.)   Later on, I chose this mossy green yarn, and instead of holding together two baby-weight yarns, I settled on worsted weight.  And it came together, slowly.  After a while, the pattern actually got repetitive and boring, but I forged ahead.  There's plenty of mistakes, but I am very proud of this blanket.  It shows stick-to-it-ivness, and I rose above!

Now for some INSANE math....there are 126 individual stitches in a row.  And there are 208 rows in the pattern.  126x208=26,208 individual stitches!  I don't think I've ever had that many of ANYTHING!  Also, note to self:  Do NOT run those kinds of numbers mid-project!  

Baby Hatchling II will be a summer baby, and will of course not have use for a Big Bad Baby Blanket right away.  But this will be perfect for those chilly autumn Maine nights!

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Brian Given said...

As I watched you battle through both the frustration and monotony, I must emphasis the stick with-itness that this did indeed take.