Saturday, July 31, 2010

Busy, Busy!

There's not a lot of blog posts for my dear boy Sean, so this one is just for him!  Here's what our little guy has been up to lately:

The title says it all, this little guy is on the move!  He's not officially crawling just yet, but really, really wants to!  He loves his toys, especially playing in his Bumbo seat and "driving" his little car set.  Anything with buttons or noise absolutely gets his attention.  He also wants to put everything in his mouth.....and grab everything he can get his hands on.  The other night, he grabbed the cordless phone out of my hand and had it in his mouth.  He very much wants regular human food, and if he can take it out of your hands, well, that would be that much more delicious!

Sean's also got really strong legs.  No really, I've got the bruising to prove it.  He loves to "stand" in my lap and see the world.  He is the "smiliest" baby; he wakes up with a smile in the morning and it brightens the house all day.   He already hangs onto Will's words, and loves to giggle.  Our sweet, sweet boy!  :)

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