Wednesday, March 10, 2010

No Sleep=Insanity

This week has been pretty rough.  Sean hadn't been sleeping before 2AM most nights, crying on endlessly, and no amount of holding and rocking would help.  They say that a person needs 8 hours of sleep at night....hahahahahahahahahahaha!  Up until last night, I had been subsisting on 2-4 hours a night, and not really sleeping during the day, either.  (Thanks, Dept of Public Works, for digging up my street daily, and for giving my bark-loving dog appeplexy!)  So really, you can survive on a lot less.  However, side effects include forgetting words in the middle of conversation, diapering your baby with toddler diapers and generally being b*tchy.   Not to mention you look like crap and you just don't care, because you decide that showering is overrated when you can sleep instead.

So last night, when Brian casually mentioned that maybe Sean has colic, I said no, that couldn't be it.  But for fun we googled it.   Here's what we found:  symptoms of colic include a high pitched, screechy cry with sudden onset, inconsolability, tense body and red face.  And that all of this gets worse at night, that an otherwise healthy baby can turn into an inconsolable screech factory overnight and be fine during the day.

  Hmmmm.....yes!  Sean definitely has colic.  I've been feeling bad, thinking that something was wrong with him.  Just giving that "something" a name, and knowing that it's not serious is liberating.   In reading on, I was dismayed to find out that colic can last up to three months.  Damn, he's two months old now so this could go on for another month.  It did list a whole bunch of ways to ease colic.  So last night after dinner, I poured Sean a nice warm bath, followed by a little bit of infant massage that I learned from a friend, and a warm bottle.  AND HE SLEPT!!  From 11pm to 5AM!  I woke up today feeling like a new person.  I had a stiff back, from actually getting to stay in bed more than an hour at a time.  Isn't that great!  :)  I had a playdate with a friend and her kids today and could actually have a normal conversation and interact without feeling like I was going to lose it.   Hooray!

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adventures in rhode island said...

that ROCKS about sean sleeping such a good stretch. you are bringing back so many memories with the sleep deprivation and colic. you probably have already read a bunch on it, but dr. sears' website has good colic tips and do you have the "happiest baby on the block" book? that book had good tips too. it does end, even though it seems like it won't and that you might go crazy in the process! oh and good call on the infant massage, that works well. good luck with it :)