Monday, March 22, 2010

Poor Baby

Sean's having a tough time with belly troubles.  His formula gives him such bad gas pains.  Today has been a really, really long day, other than the nap this morning and when he is eating, he has been red-faced and crying most of the day.  And the eating turns into the gas pains, so it's a vicious cycle.  In my best efforts, I opened up a can of soy formula this morning because it said on the can that it helps with gas and fussiness.  One bottle and he had spit up most of it.  So I went back to the formula that I had been using and called the doctor.  It took them like four and a half hours to get back to me, which NEVER happens.  And basically all the nurse said was to keep him on what he's on now, and we'd discuss the issues at his regular appointment on Thursday for his two-month wellness visit.  As I type this I am wearing him in a Baby Bjorn and it may be the first time today he isn't crying.  Unfortunately, I want to cry.  :(  I just want my baby bear to feel better!!  He is starting to coo and smile more when he isn't grumpy and in pain from this.  Let's see some more of that. 

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Anonymous said...

Oh Ginny. I'm sorry. The girls had reflux until they were a year old and it was digusting and very tiring. We had to hold the girl upright for 30-45 minutes after they ate in order for them to keep their formula down. And even that wasn't a guarantee. I washed so many loads of laundry back then...

Have you tried the natural Similisan drops? Those worked wonders for us!

*Just as a side note, the word verification for this comment is "poopmor." That'd be a good name for a laxative! :)