Saturday, March 20, 2010

Stomach Bug

Well, it finally happened.  The stomach bug that's been going around paid a short visit to our house.  The only one directly affected was Will, who started getting sick around bedtime on Thursday.  I immediately cancelled the playdate at our house for Friday.

 Friday morning he seemed better, and ate breakfast with no trouble.  So I thought nothing of picking up "Auntie" Tracy and going to the library.  Since we were all hungry after that, we decided to go to Friendly's.  I had planned on going to Town Hall to get birth certificates for the kids' passports, but shelved that for next week.  Thank Goodness, because as I was driving Tracy home, I heard an ungodly noise, followed by a smell that could only be ONE thing.  Yes, in the car.  A bit of a freakout on my part......nothing prepares you for this part of parenting!  Upon arriving home, it was all about stripping down, giving another bath and washing more gross laundry.  Then I couldn't get the carseat out of the car, it had to sit out there for Brian to pull when he got home.  And the "best" part?  The carseat was murder to pull apart for Brian, and he deserves some kind of award for pulling apart the panels and scrubbing them by hand in the tub!   More than 24 hours later, I think he's fine now and the rest of us remain unscathed other than the memories.  At least it was short-lived, thanks to hot, hot water, lysol wipes and tons of soap.  AND it could have been could have happened at Town Hall.  (This is what I think of your excise taxes!  BLAH!)  :)

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asplashofsunshine said...

I'm having flashbacks. Ewww! Glad everyone is ok now.