Thursday, March 11, 2010


I hosted a playdate at my house yesterday, and after the babies and kids went home, it was lunchtime.  And after lunch....naptime for the Big Kid.  People are always amazed that Will still naps for us at almost 3 1/2 and frankly so am I most of the time!  However, there was no nap to be had today....he'd rather play.  So after Attempt #2 to get him to at least stay in his room and rest, and Sean rallying against a nap as well, I decided that it was time to take the kids out on such a beautiful day.  I told Will that we were going to go out to buy a present for someone, and he was ready and raring to go! 

Over the summer, we had seen an ad for Babies R Us having a big "Trade-In Event," so we traded our old highchair for a 20% discount on a new Sit n Stand double stroller.  We took it out for its maiden voyage a couple of weeks ago, to go to the mall.  Brian put the thing together, with little cursing (I was impressed.)  Today was my first time out with two kids and wanting to use the stroller.  Wait a was my maiden voyage with BOTH kids in a store.  And yessir, I was not interested in wheeling Sean around and chasing Will through Bed Bath and Beyond!  So I got both kids ready to go and packed them into the car, drove over to Bed Bath and Beyond, parked the car and then proceeded to lug the huge stroller out of the back of the car.  Ten minutes later, I'm still trying to figure out how the hell to put the infant carseat into the stroller frame.  And I'm failing, miserably.  Concentration on these kinds of things doesn't come easy when you have a toddler asking questions repeatedly in the backseat, either!  With a huge sigh, I pull my cellphone out and call Brian at work to ask him how to do this.  And I'm greeted by his voicemail.  So there's no shopping to be had today.  I get the stroller back in the car, and take my place behind the wheel.  Will demands to know why I'm in the car and I answer honestly...."Mommy can't get the stroller together."  "But I want to buy Alana and Jason a wedding present!!!!   WAAAHHHHHHHHH!"  Surprisingly, I was able to bribe him into not screaming all the way home and waking up a peaceful Sean with a promise of a movie and popcorn when we get there. 

So my lesson for today:  pay more attention when your husband is teaching you how to assemble the double stroller!!!  This is what I get for being smug.  :)

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