Monday, March 15, 2010

Spanish for Toddlers

Every once in a while, I try to teach Will some Spanish.  I understand Spanish better than I speak it, but usually I can hold my own conversationally.  I could order in a restaurant and I take a lot of housing application requests.  And hey, when there were some kids messing around in the parking lot at work, I had no trouble telling them to get lost OR ELSE! 

Anyway, last night while I was helping Will into his pajamas, I was trying to teach him "Give me your foot" in Spanish.  "Give me your foot" in Spanish is "Deme su pie."  (De-ME su PE-Ay.  Please remember phonetic spelling in Spanish is not my forte)  Instead, he says "Deme su hooray!"  Loosely translated, "Give me your hooray!"  We had such a good laugh about it, that he now says it repeatedly.  Tonight we tried "What's your name?"  What he comes out with is "What's your yummy?"  Ah, my bilingual comedian.  :)

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