Friday, October 31, 2008

Monkey Business (aka Happy Halloween!)

We had a fun Halloween in our house! First, Will did a little trick or treating at daycare today. Nana also came to visit and brought some cool pumpkin cookies. Then we came home, put on his costume and went to a couple of houses in our neighborhood. Will thought that was pretty cool, and said "O-Treat" or "Hi!" at every door. He was a little confused when we came home and started giving away candy! Lots of little kids this year, and when they saw Will sitting on the couch in his monkey outfit, watching Noggin, well a few tried to get past me and join him on the couch!

Happy Halloween, Everyone!

Mmmm....pumpkin cookie!

Mama and her Monkey

Daddy and Monkey Will

Will's first Halloween stash. He couldn't wait to dump the bag out onto the floor to see his take!

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theschules said...

Oh, Will! You are the cutest little monkey!!