Friday, October 10, 2008

Apple, Apple

Right now Will's favorite word is apple. He's also in a phase where he likes to carry things around with him. This morning, I was packing my lunch for work and he was watching when I put an apple in the bag. He started yelling "Apple! Apple!" I said, "Yes, Good Boy! That is an apple." Then I closed the bag and put it by the front door. Five minutes later, I'm in the bathroom drying my hair, and he comes in, struggling to drag the lunch bag behind him. He drops it at my feet with a grunt and starts yelling for the apple. I decided that if he's this excited about a piece of fruit, he should have it. So he carried it around with him in the house, willingly got into the car while holding it, and happily went to daycare without any tears. When I picked him up, the daycare provider told me that he proudly carried his apple all day today, and was very happy when she sliced it for him and fed him bits and pieces.

It's amazing that this apple kept him so happy all day. Perhaps it is a magic apple! :)

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