Saturday, October 4, 2008

Panic at the Target

Upon waking up this morning, I was relieved to find that my back didn't hurt as much as the night before. I'm doing better (thanks for the well wishes) but I guess the doctor is right on this's going to take a while for this muscle group to heal and feel normal again. But since I can't stop living, I have to keep on putting Will in the car, giving him a bath, doing dishes, etc etc when Brian's not around to help me because of work. (and tonight is his last work night!) So with that I rolled out of bed and greeted the day.

Today's "chore du jour" was doing a bit of shopping. I'm planning Will's second birthday party and had some ideas for things at the local party store. Also, it's Halloween Costume time!!! I had already been to a couple of stores and I'm pretty flustered with the lack of toddler costumes. It's almost gotten me back on my rant of learning to sew! Anyway, Will and I were perusing Target, him clutching Brown Doggie and nibbling on pretzels and me walking slow. I finally picked out a costume (say hello to my Monkey!!) and headed to the checkout. Now, why does Target only have four cashiers open at the peak of a Saturday?? I then realize that the slow checkout is the least of my problems---Will isn't holding Brown Doggie. A quick check reveals that he isn't in the cart either.

OH NO!!!! My worst nightmare is coming true!! People who know us know that Brown Doggie is much more than a stuffed animal. He's Will's lifeline, his confidante, his peanut butter to his jelly. And what's more important...he simply WILL NOT sleep without his best friend! While picturing the long string of sleepless nights because of an inconsolable, doggless Will, I throw all of my items back in the cart and make a beeline through the store.

Now here's the problem--I have walked through the entire store today, and I really have no idea where Brown Doggie was given the boot. Panic sets in at the pit of my stomach, and I start walking up the aisles. After the third aisle, I find myself trying not to cry. A woman coming the opposite way down a crowded aisle offers to let me go first, thinking I'm looking at art supplies and when I say I'm looking for my son's favorite stuffed animal she says "Oh, is it a brown dog?" YES! She then tells me she saw it in the Halloween costumes and hopes it's still there. SHE hopes?? I rush back and go through the costumes like a mad woman, asking all of my fellow shoppers if they've seen Brown Doggie. Dishearteningly, they say no. Will at the moment is totally oblivious, and I'm near tears. In this particular case, ignorance truly is bliss.

So I try the only place left...Customer Service. After a long wait, I get my turn to ask if they've seen Will's Beloved Brown Doggie. OH THANK GOODNESS! Someone turned in Will's best friend. His eyes light up and he shouts "Dog!" and reaches up for him. I contemplate hugging the guy at customer service and then decide against it.

So, thank you to whomever turned in Brown Doggie at the desk. And well, Brown Doggie? Your travel days are now limited!

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Toastqueen said...

Oh, I can't imagine your relief!!!!!!
Bad Dog!