Friday, October 24, 2008

Sally's Challenge

In reading another blog that I follow, SallyHP has challenged readers to write seven random things about I'm here to take it on! Here goes nothing...

1. I've been known for my good memory. Most of the time it's like a steel trap, however, lately it's not as sharp as it used to be. If you want to know anything that was in People magazine in the last two years, name every job I've ever had in order, or the name of that guy in college whose dorm you sneaked in by shimmying up the drainpipe? I'm your girl. But what I was just saying five minutes ago or who the hell I loaned my Sex and the City Seasons 2 and 3 DVD's to? Not so much!

2. I really wish I had more opportunities to travel. There's so much of the US and the world that I would like to see!! I've never had a job that required a lot of travel, and now I don't want one because of my family. But I really would like to travel more. I guess I can save that for "The RV Years" when Brian and I retire and drive all over the country! (We'll see....)

3. When I was in first grade, I got in trouble for painting my nails with a black permanent marker with the girl next door. Do you know how long it takes for that crap to wear off????

4. A big thank you to the person that invented the brownie pan that makes every square an edge piece. There's something to put on my Christmas list!!

5. I once had aspirations to be a teacher. Now I work with the elderly and I'm thrilled. Go figure.

6. Will won't ever be allowed to watch The Wiggles or Barney. I put my foot down!!

7. I wish I hadn't had such bad stage fright when I was younger. I think I would have liked to get involved in local theatre companies. I love, love, love live theatre! Even to work behind the scenes would've been fun. I wish I had done that. Guess it's too late now.

I'm not going to tag anyone....instead I'll tag everyone! If you read and become inspired to share, go for it!

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Alana said...

haha, who the heck is sally HP and how do you keep up with all these sites??? I can barely manage myspace and facebook, especially since they are blocked at work, where I currently am now! Cya sat.