Friday, October 3, 2008

Bad Day?

Don't you just hate it! when:

You spill food on your favorite blouse and it was the last thing clean that you had to wear to work?

You wear it anyway, hoping no one will be close enough to you today to notice?

That blouse also has a bad snap on it, that keeps opening so you accidentally flash all the old people in your building?

Someone takes a look at your shirt and asks if you're expecting, and the baby that you were "expecting" is now almost two years old? (and did you burn that shirt when you got home?)

You're fifteen minutes past your usual fifteen minutes late?

You get stuck behind every construction vehicle in town and now your car smells like hot tar?

Your car smells like hot tar because they're ripping up the street right by your work AGAIN, even though they just finished "beautifying" the neighborhood?

Your office is hot enough to steam a lobster in? Better smells like steamed fish because the fish vendor came today?

You back out of the driveway at the daycare at five mph and hit a parked car?

You come home, cook dinner and then promptly back up the garbage disposal and flood the kitchen because the potato peels didn't go down the pipe?

You go to start laundry and discover that you have an infestation of flying ants above your washing machine?

You bring your dog to the vet and when you get there and open your back door, he vomits all over you and the car?

Your cellphone has a short in it and it keeps calling the last number you dialed, scaring your mother, and annoying your husband and friends?

You burn dinner, order chinese food and, twenty minutes later, have the sinking realization that you didn't say "delivery" and now have to go and get it?

You remember, as you're going to bed, that you didn't put your car in the driveway and will most likely have a ticket in the morning if you don't go and move it NOW!

You leave your cellphone in the car overnight in the winter and when you find it in the morning, it's frozen?

Or, my personal favorite: you realize, as you're getting ready for bed, that you have been wearing your underwear inside-out all day long? Or that you're wearing different earrings? Or, my favorite, one navy blue sock and one black sock!

Yeah......I hate that too. :)

(BTW--not all of that happened in one day, or to me. I just wanted to see how many I could think of. Feel free to add your own!)

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Anonymous said...

More than half of that did happen to you in one day!

Jennifer S.