Monday, December 3, 2012

Tree Traditions

Our Christmas Tree is up! 

We have a few traditions with our Christmas tree.  The first one is that every year, we try to find a new spot in the living room for the tree.  We re-arrange the furniture, sit down on the couch and chair, and notice that the couch is too big to do it that way.  We re-arrange, cursing mildly.  Then we take one of the end tables out of the room.  Eventually, all of the furniture gets put back and the tree goes the same place it does every year.  Well, not this year.  We made it a little smaller, and we put it in between the couch and the chair, so you can see it lit up in the side window from the driveway.  Brian and I can't see each other if I'm sitting in the chair and he's on the couch, but hey, the tree is gorgeous!

The second tradition is that we always purchase Christmas ornaments as souvenirs when we travel.  It's so much fun reminiscing about where we've been over the years as we decorate the tree.  Sint Maarten, 2003:  "Remember the horrible sunburn you got, Gin?"  (Not that I could ever forget, it being my second dance with sun poisoning.  I'm much better with the sun now.)  Disney World 2005:  Where we "got to be kids before having kids."  Arizona 2001:  Visiting my old school friend Jenni for the first time in six years after going to most of HS together.  Wisconsin 2010:  driving ALL THAT WAY with a preschooler and a six-month old baby, but spending a vacation with the fabulous Ratties.  My first trip to NYC for our tenth wedding anniversary.  (2010 as well)  Outer Banks, NC ornament (2008) has Santa Claus on a surfboard.  Another great trip.  Prince Edward Island, Canada, with my family in 2006, when I was pregnant with Will. They're all there.  It's fun to remember vacations this way, and I intend to continue this forever.

The third tradition is that we allow the kids to decorate a little tabletop Christmas tree for their bedroom.  They love doing this, and having their own (unbreakable) ornaments.  And this year for the first time, we let them decorate the tree with us.  Yes, even the little one.  And yes, even the breakable ornaments.  How else are they going to learn how to be careful?

Here's to many years of traditions as a family.

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