Friday, December 28, 2012

"Make My Queue"

At the end of every year and the beginning of the next, I do two things:  I organize my craft supplies a little bit, and I start lining up my annual knitting on my queue on Ravelry.

This year, I am taking a page from my friend Pat's book and making the items in order.  I have a large queue "To-Do" list.  Some of these patterns have been sitting there for quite awhile, only to get sidelined by something else that catches my eye.  So I am moving some stuff around, and the first thirty projects are going to be made in order.  (I have like 120 items in my queue, many of them just "someday" and have no deadline.  Trust me, committing to thirty is kind of a big deal.)  In my thirty, I have items for me, my kids, my husband and dear friends.  A couple of special things for charity.  There are shawls.  There are hats.  There are sweaters of all sizes, which is pretty damn ambitious.  There are socks, which is crazy too, considering I haven't finished Sean's socks yet.  But I'm almost there, and am optimistic on my ability to do this again.  And here's something that may or may not be shocking...for these thirty projects, I very likely already have the yarn in the house.

So, no deadlines, really.  But with the exception of baby hats/blankets in between projects to send to Stitches from the Heart every six months, nothing else til these thirty projects are DONE.

To see my queue, go here:Crafty's Mama's Rav Queue.  And wish me luck!

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Brian Given said...

Did I read that correctly, you are not going to buy any yarn in 2013?