Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Knits!

Another unwrapped, dinner done.  And now I have my gift efforts to show off!

Nemi cowl for my mother.  I fell in love with this subtle ombre grey fingering yarn at the Webs tent sale this summer.  I didn't know what I was going to make with it at first, but knew that it was going to be neckwear for Mom.  This cowl was the perfect project.

"Simple Things" shawl for my aunt.  I actually got a little more organized this summer and made this.  I love how the pattern creator quotes Laura Ingalls Wilder in the pattern.  (I am a big Little House" fan.)  I got this yarn up in Acton, MA at a lovely yarn shop that I had the pleasure of discovering the summer before.  (and apparently I don't have a picture.)

Big Bad Blanket.  Will has always hinted that he wanted me to make him a blanket, since I made one for Sean before he was born.  Sean loves that blanket, too.  He named it Luigi and it goes with him everywhere. Which of course, warms my heart to no end.  This is actually a baby blanket pattern that I made on bigger needles, out of gray wool straight out of my stash.  Two rows and a bind-off left, I had to buy another skein. But it did bring me to a new local yarn store so I'm not complaining.

Man Hat.  A little something to go in my cousin's package with his usual gift certificate.  Matt lives in San Francisco now, but it does get cold there.  Plus he comes home to Massachusetts usually at Thanksgiving or Christmas so this will suit him well.  This is my "I'm all done with Christmas Knitting!" surprise project.  Surprise, as in it wasn't finished on the morning of Christmas Eve.

Finally, mittens for the boys stockings.  With a nice long chain of yarn connecting them...I don't have a picture so you can't see.  That's so we can stop loosing mittens at an alarming rate, we've gone through a ridiculous number of pairs of mittens and it's not even hardcore winter yet.  Also, the strings are my first attempt at crochet.  Yep...I tried it, and I don't know if I'm interested in more but it's cool to know a little bit.

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