Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Toddler's Thoughts

Latest "Sean-isms" from my two-year old:
Looking for his favorite blanket before bedtime.  "I don't know where Wee-gee (aka, Luigi)  went.....he  just disappeared." 

Upon telling the boys that friends of ours just had a baby boy.  "I no like Blake.  They shoulda named him Sparkledoggie." 

Upon repeating something not-so-nice that Mommy uttered in traffic:  "Sean you really shouldn't say "Oh Jesus, that's not nice coming out of a little boy's mouth.  Sean:  "You say it." 

At dinner, talking about having an adventurous palate and needing to try new things.  My husband is one of those "I'll try anything once" types when it comes to food.  He was telling the boys some of the things that he ate while in the Navy.  "Daddy's tried kangaroo, snake, shark, alligator and reindeer.  Tried to get whale once in Norway, but it wasn't available."  Sean:  "I wouldn't eat a dolphin."  Daddy, after serious consideration, "Yep.  I wouldn't eat a dolphin either. "

And my favorite....Sean is a rough and tumble kid.  He has very little fear and we have often found him about to jump off his bed or climb something that he shouldn't.  He bangs his knees a lot, or bumps his head.  With every little "injury" he comes running, looking for a Mommy kiss.  He comes running last night, complaining that he "can't walk" because he bumped his leg and wants me to kiss it.  Just as I'm thinking "Oh man, I've gone to far with the kissing the boo-boos all the time," right after I kiss it he says "Thank you Mama.  That feels so much better!" 

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