Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Nana's Favorite Chair

(Not exactly wordless today!)

While I was looking for a photo and eating my breakfast (I don't know how NOT to multi-task)  Will came into the room and said "Hey Mom, is that your blog??"  It's pretty cool that he recognizes stuff like that now.  When I told him what I was doing, he begged to pick the photo.  So here you go!  This is Will, circa.....2008?  I know, you'd think it was Sean if you didn't know better.  It's tough....we certainly have to label our photos around here.  Will's snuggled up tight in a blanket, probably somewhere between awake and asleep.  He loved blankets back then, and he still does today.  Even on a hot day he loves to snuggle in blankets and says "My favorite thing is soft, Mommy."

Anyway, this is Nana's favorite chair, a leather recliner in her living room.  I love that chair as well, probably for all the same reasons:  comfy, warm, good for knitting and TV.  Actually, everyone loves that chair.  If I thought that she wouldn't notice, I'd steal it.  (Just kidding.  I know she'd notice.  Right away!)

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