Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Random List, #4,659 (I totally made that up.)

A random list today, of things that I miss.

1.  It's been a really long time since I listened to an album in its entirety.  I know, I'm dating myself just by calling it an ALBUM.  But seriously, I can remember getting excited for a band's new album, then getting it and listening to every track.  Sure, not everything on there was good stuff.  And sometimes, you had to give stuff a few listens in order to bond with it.  These days I just look over stuff in iTunes, and pick and choose songs.  Is it that there's no good "albums" out there or I just don't take the time to look anymore?

2.  The sound of a modem.  Now you just click and Boom!  Internet.  It's much more convenient this way, yes.  I didn't say that this list was going to make sense.

3.  A cellphone as a luxury and not a necessity.  Don't me wrong, I love my Smartphone and it's important to have a phone for emergencies and things.  Most of the time though, I feel like my phone and I are joined at the hip.  It makes one little "beep" (or birds tweeting in my case) and I'm grabbing for it to see who's texting/emailing me.  And if we leave our phone at home, well FORGET IT.  The day's just ruined.  I'm not trying to be sarcastic.  It's a case of our phones becoming part of us.

4.  Letters.  Letters are dead art form.  I can remember taking the time to write someone a letter, and feeling happy that I was putting something in their mailbox that would bring a smile to their face.  Or sometimes, a letter was a better way to take the time to say something difficult.  I'm also a big letter-keeper.  I have all of my husband's  letters from when he was on deployment when we were dating, and he has mine.  Yes, I'm aware of this thing called email.  But it's just not the same.

Other things that I find myself nostalgic for from time-to-time:  watching movies on VCRs.  OK Soda.  When the change under the floor mats in the car could buy half a tank of gas.  Going to a movie and getting popcorn too and still having change from your $10 bill.  Playing cards with my brother to pass the time.  Pictures that you had to send away to be developed.  I could go on and on.

What's some things that you miss from your formative years?

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