Tuesday, May 17, 2011

There's No Prep for a Morning Like This....

I knew that being a working mom of two kids would have it's challenging moments.  But the (crappy) situation that I found myself in this morning....no amount of "There's gonna  be days like this" would prepare me for it.  And of course, while it was happening I was thinking "This will be funny later....on my blog!"

Preface:  Sean is a grumpy kid in the morning.  First, he doesn't want to get out of bed.  Then like any part of the day...he does NOT want to have his diaper or clothes changed.  

It is 8AM and I am dressed to work, with makeup applied and hair drying in its usual mess.  (If I ever had time to dry and style my hair in the morning, I wouldn't know what to do with myself.  There was a time in my life where I would have chosen beauty over breakfast, but the Older Crafty Mama knows better.)  I enter the nursery to rouse my favorite cherub, and for a second, he's happy to see me.  His face changes as I am lifting him out of the crib, as he's realized that we are (again) headed to the changing table and he is bawling even before we've begun.  I remove his Cars pajamas and he screams in frustration and is kicking like he's in the World Cup. Open the messy diaper and yeah....it's really messy.  In frustration, Sean is grabbing at my hands and instead....grabs...well, to put it delicately, the mess.  I'm trying to calm him down and keep him from spreading poop everywhere.  And I'm failing miserably.  I'm frantically going through the baby wipes but it is a lost cause as the poor kid is now not only screaming, he's covered from neck to toes.  I look down at my nice clean navy blue sweater, sign and (possibly) curse out loud.  I have like 20 minutes before I need to be at work, and clearly the only solution is a bath for the boy.  And that is what we do.  I shuck off my (still miraculously clean) shirt and fill the tub.  Sean usually enjoys baths but not this one, since he's hungry.  A very fast bath land fresh clothes later and he is then in the kitchen, having a breakfast of Cheerios and blueberries.  

I head out to the family room to check on the Will while this is going on, and he is playing quietly, which is good.  I then realize to my horror that my neighbor is smoking on his deck, and he can see me.  In my pants and bra.  Oh well, there are worse things than that, right?  Yes....like when I realize that Sean is smashing his blueberries instead of eating them, all over his nice clean shirt.  So that is Shirt #2 for him. and now it is time for the World's Quickest Breakfast for me.  

After breakfast it's toothbrush time, load-the-car time and finally, GO TIME.  After dropping off the boys at their respective Tuesday places, I commute to my job for the day, helping out another property manager with her rent-up.  I pull into the parking lot, let out a huge sigh and say out loud something that I haven't said in a long time:  "Boy, I am so glad to be at work now!"  Because honestly, I don't think that work can sling any crap today that I haven't dealt with already!    :)


asplashofsunshine said...

That stinks! At least you can laugh about it now... or can you?!?!? :)

I used to have a kid in one of my classes that spread poop on the walls of the bathroom when he was pissed off. Too bad he was 5, and too bad it was against MA state law for him to clean it himself since it was considered a biohazard.

Anonymous said...

oh, oh my!
truly a crappy morning!